Musikmesse 2004 - The MIPAs

Musikmesse 2004 (in Frankfurt, Germany) was a historic occasion for Line 6. Not only was it a very successful exhibition, but also 58 magazines from around the world voted for the best products of 2003/2004, in more than 40 categories, in the annual MIPA Awards (Musikmesse International Press Awards). The Line 6 Variax was awarded Best Electric Guitar, AND for the second consecutive year, Most Innovative Product. Plus, we won two other awards - Best Guitar Combo for Vetta II, and Best Guitar Effects, 19" or Floor (won three times in four years) for PODxt. (Pictured above are Line 6's Marcus Ryle and Steve DeFuria accepting a MIPA award.)

Showcasing the world's first modeling Acoustic guitar, Variax Acoustic 700, was Drazen Zalac who attracted heaving crowds throughout the week. Also Marcus Deml, the popular German guitarist, was on hand on the Saturday wooing the crowds with his performances with Vetta II and Variax - and spectacularly snapping his strings on stage. Plus, two lucky people came away with a Variax Acoustic 700 and Spider II Halfstack in our prize draws on the final day of the show.

Europe's largest Musical Instrument show, Musikmesse 2004 also set the stage for the public World Premiere of Variax Workbench - Line 6's latest combination USB interface and software package providing Variax 500 and 700 owners the tools to build their own custom guitar on their Mac or PC.

Frankfurt 2004 firmly placed Line 6 alongside established guitar amp manufacturers with such a blinding array of amps - Vetta II, HD147, Flextone III & Spider II - whilst pioneering FREE software packages like Line 6 Edit. Throughout the hectic demo schedules, the stage saw Line 6 Edit being demonstrated alongside compatible products - Vetta II, HD147, Flextone III, PODxt Pro and PODxt. With this software and these products, we are constantly striving to solve the age-old problems of the recording musician.

So, not only is Line 6 a leading amp and effects manufacturer, but we are also leading the way forward in the electric and (more recently) acoustic guitar fields. What will we think of next?