Line 6 Events

Want to learn more about guitar tone? Line 6 events are a fun and informative way to hear and learn about guitar tone—from jazz to classic rock to metal and everything in-between—and help you sound great! We're doing virtual and physical events at guitar shows, tradeshows and retail locations worldwide. So whatever your style or experience level, come get a fresh perspective on your guitar sound and meet a Line 6 Product Specialist at an event near you!

Virtual Lessons

Whether you are seeking beginner tips or power-user deep dives, take this opportunity to schedule a free one-on-one Virtual Session with a Line 6 Product Specialist. Learn about Helix, HX, and POD Go processors, as well as Powercab active guitar speaker systems.


Helix Sessions

Take a deep dive into Helix to learn about how to set up and use multi-amp rigs, creating tones from scratch, connecting to a console or amp, create footswitch assignments, add effects and how their placement affects tone and much more!

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Simplify Your Rig

Wrangling great tone doesn’t necessarily require you to own dozens of amps and effects pedals. We’ll show you why, and we’ll also examine the setups of renowned guitarists to see how they do it.

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Tone Made Pro

Learn the secrets of the gear used by world-renowned guitarists. Examine why an amp feels a certain way, how to setup multi-amp rigs and advanced topics for guitar tone creation.

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