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POD HD400 Mode Footswitch problem
by indigobjn on 2013-02-14 22:59:00.1880


I have a problem with MODE Foot switch. The problem is that 50% of time when I presss MODE FS it toggles rapidly between PRESET MODE, LOOPER mode and STOMP mode. For example. If I press MODE FS once when I'm current at PRESET MODE, instead of going to LOOPER mode either it goes to STOMP MODE (goes to LOOPER mode but instantly goes to STOMP MODE) or goes to PRESET MODE itself after instantly going through LOOPER and STOMP mode. Is this happening due to poor electrical contact? Any one?

- indigobjn

Re: POD HD400 Mode Footswitch problem
by spaceatl on 2013-02-15 12:18:17.2950

If you don't use the looper much, there is a setting for it in the system menu....Hold4Looper....If you turn that on, then the Mode should toggle between STOMP and PRESET....hold MODE for 4 sec or so for the LOOPER...not sure if that would help, sounds like you might have a funky button that needs to be cleaned or replaced...

Re: POD HD400 Mode Footswitch problem
by indigobjn on 2013-02-17 02:40:40.8170

Hi spaceatl,

I will try that out but I think it won't help. I am from Nepal and we don't have line6 service center here for it's replacement. Can I clean it myself?

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