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Buying a used JTV-59 from 2011? Should I worry about a switch problem?
by adessmith on 2013-01-17 13:38:05.3910

Ok, some of you may already be familiar with my story up until this point, so I'll try to keep the "backstory" short.
I purchased a brand new JTV-59 on a retailers ebay store at a good price... I used the best offer option and got them down for $1299 to $1200, with free shipping.
It had a small problem, (not the switch problem) and I sent it back.
I purchased it in Nov 2012, but it had a serial number that looked to be from 2010.

I just got notification that my bank is being credited. Looks like they have went back up to $1499 now on most websites... but they are giving me the option to order another for $1199 at the same price.

HOWEVER, I just found a used one in my town (small rurual area)... I can get the guitar AND a Line 6 Jam Amp for $1,000 (saving me $200 and getting an amp I'd like to have also).
I am supposed to go try it out this weekend. He sent me the serial number... How do I determine if it is likely to have the faulty switch problem?
I belive this particular guitar was manufactured in October 2011.
From what I understand it reads: W1YYMMDDxx (can someone confirm this is how to read the serial number?)

He says the guitar has less than 10 hours of use, and its in perfect shape.
If it "seems" ok, would you let the possibility of a switch problem scare you away? I know they had those issues in 2010, but I dont know if it was resolved by Oct 2011.
How long is the warranty? Is it transferable? Whats the likelyhood Line 6 will help me down the road if I purchase a used guitar and have problems?

Re: Buying a used JTV-59 from 2011? Should I worry about a switch problem?
by silverhead on 2013-01-17 13:51:33.0610

I would go for it at that price, pending your testing.

I think Line 6 themselves would have to give you the info on the serial number re: switch issue. They tend to keep those things private and aren't likely to publish the info here. But if you call them you will probably get an answer. And if the serial number indicates it is in the problem range they could probably also tell you whether or not the switch has already been fixed under warranty.

I would say the likelihood is very high that Line 6 will help you if the switch is a problem, regardless of warranty. I think they would consider that issue to be a clear maufacturing flaw, and treat it as they have the X3L footswitches and audio dropout issue. Lifetime warranty on those items, regardless of currrent/original owner.

So I think that at worst you would have to have it repaired at no cost and be without it for a while longer - but you're without it now anyway, so that's probably not a big deal.

Call Line 6 is my advice, and get pre-approval for the fix if necessary. But I wouldn't let that cause a delay in the decision that might cost you the guitar - I'd go for it and deal with it later if it becomes an issue.

Good Luck - it's been quite a saga!

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