Bogner Alchemist Receives Guitar World Magazine’s Gold Award

In a recent review, Guitar World magazine awarded the Gold Award for Overall Value to Bogner Alchemist™, Reinhold’s line of 40-watt, California-flavored guitar amplifiers. The thorough review dissects an Alchemist Head and 212 Extension cab, inside and out.

"The Alchemist significantly reduces the price of the Bogner experience," the reviewer states, "without sacrificing most of those golden tones we all know and love." Referencing Reinhold’s collaboration with Line 6, which produced the Spider Valve line of guitar amps, the reviewer offers some context: Alchemist amplifiers lie "somewhere between the Spider Valve and Bogner’s Custom Shop models, providing a solid middle ground for players who crave authentic Bogner tube tone."

Noting the dual-channel design, the reviewer acknowledges that "Alchemist’s two channels are fully independent and individually voiced, providing performance similar to two separate amps." Exploring both channels, he gushes that "the Gold channel delivers sweet, sparkling clean tones with a brilliant percussive snap, especially with the Bright and Deep switches engaged."

He continues: "The Mercury channel is dark, creamy and delicious, pumping out fat, sustaining single notes when the boost is engaged." "This amp does everything from pristine clean to singing blues to crunchy rock and metal tones."

The effect section, the reviewer observes, "offers a variety of useful, studio-quality tones." "The delay section produces creamy, warm analog-like effects" and the "reverb effects are also top notch."

Praising the open-back cab, the reviewer declares that the "cabinet is a great match for the Alchemist, both cosmetically and sonically."

The bottom line? "With two versatile channels, useful effects and ample volume output, it’s a great gigging and studio amp that will keep you satisfied."

Line 6, Inc. is the exclusive worldwide distributor of Alchemist amplifiers.