Upgrade to POD Farm™ Platinum from GearBox® Silver Plug-in! It's Easy!

Owners of GearBox Silver Plug-in, today is your lucky day! You get a free upgrade to the brand-new premium tone plug-in, POD Farm™ Platinum! Upgrading is easy. Just follow the five simple steps below.

    1. Do not install GearBox®. Make sure your computer has Internet access. Go to the Line 6 downloads page and, in the dropdown menus, choose Software (POD Farm) and OS (your computer’s operating system). Ignore the Product dropdown. Click GO.

    2. Create a Line 6 account.

    3. Once downloaded, open the software to install POD Farm and the Line 6 drivers for your DI. (The red light on top of your DI will turn green when your computer has recognized the device and loaded the appropriate drivers.)

    4. Find the Line 6 Monkey™ folder in your Start menu (PC) or Applications folder (Mac®). Launch Line 6 Monkey. (If you are asked to update Line 6 Monkey, follow the instructions.)

    5. Once Line 6 Monkey has completed all updates, launch POD Farm. Find the headphone jack in the back of your hardware, plug in speakers or headphones, and enjoy legendary POD tone! (In the future, you won’t need to run Line 6 Monkey before using POD Farm Platinum.)
POD Farm Platinum has 78 guitar amps and 24 guitar cabs, 28 bass amps and 22 bass cabs, 97 stompboxes and studio effects, 6 mic preamps and stunning Dual Tone functionality.

POD Farm Platinum is Mac® AU/RTAS®/VST® and Windows® RTAS®/VST® compatible for seamless integration with all major recording applications like Pro Tools®, Ableton® Live, GarageBand®, Logic®, Cakewalk®/Sonar®, and others.

(Please note: the version of POD Farm described above contains a Line 6 license that is not transferable to an iLok device. Your compatible Line 6 hardware must be connected to your computer via USB in order to authorize and use the POD Farm software.)