Huge Savings on our Guitar amps

We’ve slashed the prices so you can now save up to 30% on all Flextone III series, HD147 and Vetta II & Vetta II HD guitar amplifiers. Flextone III fuses 32 fanatically modelled amp tones, effects from award-winning winning MM4™ and DL4™ stomp box modellers, 3 classic Reverb types, and our exclusive A.I.R. II direct recording technology. HD147 is 300 watts of pure power with 32 amp models, twelve vintage effects housed in a chrome head that when powered has an illuminated backlight. Vetta II is the most advanced guitar amplification system complete with 73 classic and modern amp models, 27 speaker cabinet models and over 50 stompbox and studio effects models (including filter and synth). Line 6 amplifiers offer a full range of amp models and integrated studio and vintage quality effects. No matter what style of music rocks your boat...IF YOU CAN HEAR IT, YOU CAN HAVE IT