POM with POD

With a tour on deck and a new album in the can, Puddle of Mudd is poised to take the rock world by storm once again. In 2001, they released Come Clean, a platinum selling album that spanned a range from gritty, angry rock ("She Hates Me") to near power ballads ("Blurry"). Come Clean established Puddle of Mudd as a hardrock mainstay, and garnered them a huge fan base.

For their upcoming release, Life on Display, guitarist Paul Phillips insisted on using Line 6, specifically PODXT Pro, to capture all the subtle nuances that give POM their signature sound. "I like the many amp and effect sounds available. It's a great addition to my tone," says Paul, pictured here with two PODXT Pros and an HD147.

Life on Display will hit stores on November 25, and a tour will begin shortly thereafter. For all things POM, visit: puddleofmudd.com.