Line 6 StageSource Speakers Crossover to Studio Success for Kazuhiro Higure

Kazuhiro Higure—a busy composer/arranger working with artists across diverse music genres, including the famed Japanese pop group Kanjani Eight—recently opened Hi_SYSTEM recording studio in Tokyo. A modern studio based on his unique style as a recording engineer, Hi_SYSTEM is designed to handle everything from vocal recordings and tracking to mixing and mastering. The studio recently chose Line 6® StageSource® L2m loudspeakers for its large-field studio monitor system.

After working mostly at his home/project studio for the past several years, Higure recently built a new house to separate his living space from the studio. This expanded space became Hi_SYSTEM and gave him the opportunity to adopt large studio monitors, like traditional professional recording studios, instead of the nearfield monitors he used in his home studio. “I’ve been interested in recording gear, and wanted to have something to differentiate my studio from regular ‘home’ studio in sound quality,” he explains.

As a recording engineer who is familiar with professional studio environments, Higure originally had the preconception that sound reinforcement speakers prioritize sound pressure over sound quality. His perception was changed at the 2012 Inter BEE equipment expo in Tokyo, where he auditioned Line 6 StageSource loudspeakers at Twinbox Akihabara. That experience, which included both the L2 and L3 models, confirmed that StageSource speakers could function as crossover products between the worlds of studio recording and live performance.

Designed by Line 6 as a powered PA speaker with studio-quality sound, StageSource L2m is a bi-amped, 800-watt 2-way speaker system with a 10-inch woofer and 1-inch compression driver. Crossover frequency, time alignment and attenuation are all controlled by powerful onboard DSP, with six different Smart Speaker modes to instantly optimize the sound across a wide range of applications.

“I put this speaker in this studio, and it simply sounded great,” said Higure. “The center image is clear even within short distances, and the vocal is just ‘there.’ Low end is accurate with its larger woofer, and precise enough to master our first project in this studio. We can judge low-end sound accurately with this monitor, which was always very difficult to do with nearfield monitors.”

StageSource L2m has flat frequency response between 51kHz – 18kHz, thanks to the physical design and overall DSP-based control. “I couldn’t visualize the low end in my old project studio,” says Kazuhiro Higure, “so I ended up using nearfield monitors plus a subwoofer. To me, that sounded good but artificial, maybe like cooking with MSG. Using the L2m, I know I’m actually hearing a full-range system in one box. We designed Hi_SYSTEM studio for both mixing and mastering purposes, and it performs as promised thanks in part to the L2m loudspeakers.”

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