Virtuoso Bassist Andrew Ford Chooses Relay G50 for Warm, Full Tone

Over his long career, bassist Andrew Ford has worked with everyone from inimitable divas Whitney Houston, Chaka Khan and Gladys Knight to legends Graham Nash, David Crosby and George Duke. As a player who wears many hats in the industry—composer, arranger, educator and virtuoso session man—Ford understands how crucial tone, dynamics and fullness are to a professional bass player.

What do you think of the way that Relay G50 conveys your tone?

Relay G50 is extremely transparent. I sometimes forget that I’m using a wireless system because my tone is as good as—if not better than—the tone of a standard high-end cable. Still warm, fat, full and true.

How does Relay G50 compare to other wireless systems you’ve used?

I’ve used other systems in the past and although I loved the freedom of going wireless, I couldn’t deal with the sonic deficiencies. I need my bass to sound like my bass—without any degradation in tone or dynamics. It’s the only way I can be inspired to create on stage and enjoy doing my job instead of being distracted by bad tone.

How does Relay G50 stand up to the rigors of touring?

It’s built like a tank. I feel like I can drop it from 30 stories up and use it that night! But seriously, I have no concerns about Relay G50 holding up on the road. It’s so small and compact that it can easily be packed in a suitcase—no extra cases or special handling required.

How easy is it to set up the Relay G50 system?

Relay G50 was a no-brainer to set up. It’s pretty much plug and play. I even use it on smaller gigs because it’s so simple to set up—it adds maybe two minutes to my set-up time.

Would you recommend Relay G50 to other bass players?

I would absolutely recommend Relay G50 to any bass player that wants the freedom of wireless but is also serious about preserving the tone of their instrument. The 24-bit A/D conversion helps to ensure that you’ll have the same quality of tone that you’re used to—without hearing the squashing you might have experienced from other wireless units. I’ve found no better portable wireless system than Relay G50. Just like playing with a cable—only better.

What are the benefits of using Relay G50 outside of the US?

It works around the world as easy as it works in your garage. Just dial up a channel and go. Operating in the 2.4GHz band gives me the confidence I will have clarity wherever I use it.

Earlier this year, Ford’s composition “Flame”—co-written with Al Jarreau—was featured on the Grammy-nominated record Al Jarreau and the Metropole Orkest. Check out his latest projects at