Free v2.0 Firmware Update Turns DT25/DT50 into a Boutique Tube Amp Factory

Transform your DT25™ or DT50™ into a boutique tube amp factory with free v2.0 firmware. This powerful update expands the HD preamp count from four to 30—and lets you create original amp tones by pairing any preamp with any combination of dynamic topologies (negative feedback loop, operating class, power tube mode and more) within Reinhold Bogner’s reconfigurable tube power amp.

You can also configure each voicing with your choice of 12 reverbs, complete with per-channel spillover. Load your amp with up to eight unique voicings (four on channel A, plus four on channel B) and bring a wide range of standout tones to your next gig—all within a single amp chassis.

Learn more about DT v2.0 firmware.