It’s official. Over a million guitarists chose Spider® amplifiers!

A million guitarists can’t be wrong! Since their debut in 1999, the popularity of Spider® amplifiers has skyrocketed. Today legions of loyal players have chosen to rely on the legendary Line 6 tones and effects found in Spider amplifiers.

The Spider line of modeling amplifiers was produced based on the success of POD® and AX2 and Flextone™ amps. The challenge was to make a smaller, easy-to-use modeling amp with a lot of the features for which Line 6 was already known – the best-sounding amp models, huge collections of effects and total flexibility. Spider amps needed to be both stripped down and hot-rodded at the same time.

The combination of features and simplicity proved to be a huge success! Spider amplifiers garnered many awards including "Amp Line of the Year" from Musical Merchandise Review and "Best of the Top Ten" from Music and Sound Retailer.

Since 2007, more people have purchased Line 6 Spider amps than any other type of guitar amplifier. Spider IV 15 retains the #1 spot as the top-selling guitar amplifier in the USA. Spider IV 75 is the #1 selling 1x12 combo, Spider IV 120 is the #1-selling 2x10 and on and on.*

Dig into the Spider family to find the one that’s right for you!

*Based on MI SalesTrak® 2007-2010 reports.