MIDI Memo App

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Record/Playback Musical Ideas

MIDI Memo App

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Back Up Settings and Patches

MIDI Memo App

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Replacing and Renting Gear

MIDI Memo Recorder app.

Free on the App StoreSM, MIDI Memo Recorder is a simple application that records and plays any MIDI data. Its streamlined interface makes it easy to store, find, recall and even share all your synth sounds, POD® patches, musical inspirations, and more.

Record and play MIDI.

Recording and playing MIDI Memos couldn't be easier. Three simple controls – a slider and two buttons – are all you need to record, play, pause, and stop all your MIDI Memos. Once you've entered Record, all MIDI data received, including information from all 16 channels as well as System Exclusive data, is time-stamped and stored with one millisecond accuracy. When you play the recording back, it all comes out just the same as it came in.

Email MIDI files.

Sending music to collaborators has never been simpler. Email your music as a Standard MIDI File (SMF) straight from your iPhone® or iPod touch®. SMF files can be opened and edited within virtually all Mac® or PC digital audio workstations.

Transfer memos to and from your computer.

In addition to email, MIDI memos can be accessed via the Web. A few swipes of your iPhoneor iPod touch (including enabling MIDI Memo WiFi access) and your MIDI Memos can be accessed via a unique URL from any computer on your WiFi network.

If desired, authentication can be enabled in order to prevent others with WiFi from accessing your MIDI Memos. A username and password will be required on the computer before any MIDI Memos can be accessed.

Memos list.

The Memos List keeps your MIDI Memos organized and ready for action. You can select a MIDI Memo, reorder or delete MIDI Memos, and even create a new one at the touch of a button.

Just the facts.

Pressing the Info button displays a MIDI Memo's detailed information. Here you can rename the file, see its size, length, time and date of creation, and even its number of MIDI messages (note data).

Non-musical interludes.

Need to save lighting cues or other non-musical MIDI info? You can store it as a MIDI Memo, recall it and play it just like musical MIDI info.

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