Get to know two of the masters who wrote and performed on many of the backing tracks in JM4™ Looper.

Musical director and bassist Tony Franklin is responsible for writing many of the tracks included in JM4 Looper. Tony got his big break playing bass in guitar legend Jimmy Page’s supergroup, The Firm. Tony has since played with a long list of greats including David Gilmour, Marty Friedman, Gary Hoey and Quiet Riot.

Musical director and bassist Dave Pomeroy has played on more than 400 albums with such players as Elton John, Willie Nelson, Trisha Yearwood and The Chieftains. Dave was voted Bassist of the Year at the 1997 Nashville Music Awards.

To round out these tracks, Tony and Dave hired top guitarists, bassists, drummers and more, collecting a roster of the most devastating names in rock and country music today.

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