Refunds are available for the Line 6 Relay G10T USB Charging Cable—an optional cable that you may have purchased separately from your Relay G10 product and that was NOT INCLUDED in your product’s box.

The Relay G10T USB Charging Cable has USB-A male connector on one end and a 1/4" jack on the other to accommodate the G10 Transmitter’s 1/4" plug, as shown in the image below.

IMPORTANT: The refund offer DOES NOT apply to the Power Supply Cable that was included in your Relay G10 product’s box, which has a male Micro-USB connector on one end and a male USB-A connector on the other, and is used with the power supply that plugs into an AC wall socket. Repeat: do not cut the Power Supply Cable. It is perfectly safe.

We are providing a $16.50 refund for customers in the U.S. and an $18.00 refund for customers outside the U.S. To receive a refund, you will need to cut/destroy your cable and provide proof—via an original photo taken by you—of the destroyed cable. Submissions that do not provide adequate proof of the Relay G10T USB Charging Cable’s destruction will be rejected.

sample photo
Sample image of destroyed Relay G10T USB Charging Cable

If you do not want a refund via PayPal, aren’t satisfied with the refund amount, have questions about which cable to cut, or can’t supply a photo of your destroyed cable, please Contact Customer Support or Open a Support Ticket. Thank you very much.

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