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  • Created with: Helix LT
  • Author:
  • Band:
    Cover Band - One Preset all night
  • Guitarist:
  • Guitar:
    Dual Humbucker
  • Style:
    Two Rock Classic Reverb amp plus Pedals Single Preset to use all night.
  • Date: 10/2/21
  • Downloads: 2826
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    Attention POD 2.0, Flextone and HD147 owners... Your hardware doesn't do Stomp effects, so you'll hear something different than what was intended. Try increasing the Drive or choose a higher gain Amp Model to get the right sound. The other aspects of the sound should translate as expected, so you'll at least get a great starting place for tweaking.

  • Comments:
    STOMP MODE PRESET .... This preset is one I built to mimic my Two Rock Classic Reverb plus pedalboard that I had been using, to save weight, space, etc... I've refined it over 3-4 gigs in the past few weeks. and from listening back to recordings, I can't really tell much difference. The Helix is more flexible, and I get things from this that I couldn't get from the Two Rock/Pedal Board rig without adding a lot more stuff. I have used Helix now for a few years, but had switched back to my very nice amp rigs. When I did use Helix, I was tired of having many separate presets for different styles and songs, and figured that my old "main rig" was one amp, several drive pedals, etc along with mods, WAH, etc.... so why not have a simple, one amp/3 "channel" set up on the Helix. The beauty is that I never have to switch Presets all night - so no "balancing the volumes" between presets, etc. I also have four of these in one bank, the only difference being slight boosts in the output level, in case the sound guy sets me at the beginning of the nice and I get lost in the mix after a few tunes. Have not had to use those yet, but nice to have. This is built using a PRS DGT, so if you're using a single coil guitar, you may need to tweak the EQs of some of the blocks to add low end. The amp is a Litigator set semi-clean and can be pulled from the "edge of breakup" with the guitar volume or volume pedal. Compressor, Delay, Reverb, and an EQ block are always on. The Delay has on FS assigned to swap it to a longer, louder delay for a couple of specific songs. FS off, just a light slap-back, FS on, it's a 355ms, lots of feedback and mix. Three levels of drive from 1. Klon (Minotaur) for light OD; 2. KoT (Tone Sovereign) for medium drive (classic rock); 3. Rat (Ratatouille) for heavier distortion. These can be stacked for more variety, but I can't find a good way to stack the KoT and the Rat bu the Klon stacked with either of the other two works great. I also have an "Auto Wah" sound for one specific song (What I Am by Edie Brickell - for the lead)... also a Whammy (filter) for another tune (Killing in the Name by Rage Against the Machine), and an "Auto Swell" for a couple of tunes that have riffs using a volume pedal (e.g. "Dreams" by Fleetwood Mac). Aside from those, I have only a Chorus that I use on three or four tunes. But mostly, it's the amp and the three drives with the short delay and Spring Reverb - just like my analog amp rig. The Expression pedal set up is as follows: Exp.1 - Wah activated by Toe Switch - unless the Whammy Effect is turned on my the FS assigned to it. If it's on, Exp 1 controls the whammy effect (no toe-activation needed). Exp 2: Volume pedal placed POST Amp so the level does not impact the gain of my drives. I set the heel position to only 65% - this is my "rhythm" level. Pushin it down to 100% toe position (not activating the switch) gives me enough boost for solos. I also have the EQ, Amp, and Delay setting slaved to Exp 2, so that pushing down for a Solo Boost adds more bass, more mids, slightly longer and stronger delay. I can't stand trebly/high-pitched lead tones, and sometimes just adding strictly volume will do that. The impact is subtle and it works well for me. One side note - I have a split path near the end with a gain block. on it. I have set the Output route for the Main Path to XLR and the Output Route for the split-off path to 1/4". The reason I do this is because I have those outputs separated in my General Settings so that the "Big Volume" knob ONLY affects the 1/4" output. I run an XLR to Front of house - and they get a signal that I can not adjust the level of. They have complete control of that one. The 1/4" out, however, allows me to use the big volume knob to increase or decrease my guitar level in my own monitor. I run an instrument cable to my monitor's channel B. Channel A has my tailored FOH mix in it so I can tell if I'm overwhelming the mix or getting lost. I typically keep my volume knob at about 2-3 O'Clock so I have some room to move it, and set my initial monitor volume so I can almost NOT hear my mix from the 1/4" (I want to hear the FOH)... if I find that I can' hear myself, I turn up my helix in my monitor and it does NOT affect FOH. Here are a few links to YouTube videos recorded just last night using this preset for all tunes. As mentioned, PRS DGT guitar, Helix DIRECT into FOH and my floor wedge monitor. Venue was outdoors with a metal roof, so some whacky reflections can be heard. Cleans and light drives during a Disco Medley: "Barracuda" using the KLON and KoT stacked and the bridge pickup split. : A mashup of "Bootylicious" and "Edge of 17" using the KoT and chorus: "Proud Mary" (Tina Turner style) using Clean, to medium to heavy drive/distortion at various parts... Good demo of the range of gains: This one is a few weeks ago, but still the same preset, just missing a few of the "tweaks" I have done in the interim. This uses the Klon and the Rat stacked for the heavier stuff, mid-position for intro/leads, The Klon by itself through bridge position with bridge volume backed off for the rhythm parts. Before anyone complains, YES, I realize there are mistakes in these songs. Ha... I'm a weekend warrior and not perfect (in fact, I strive very hard to be mediocre!!). Just trying to show the preset off in a live mix situation.

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