Ryan 'Fluff' Bruce

Dragged Under


Ryan 'Fluff' Bruce is an audio engineer, professional YouTuber, touring musician and Internet Dad. Somehow making a career off of his beard, Fluff has been playing guitar since 1994 and tours and records with his band Rest, Repose. Catch him on his YouTube Channel Riffs, Beards & Gear.

Helix is a sonic companion that I use both in the studio and on stage, from clubs to late night recording sessions, It’s got my back.



Relay G90

12-channel rack-mountable system. Wired tone, uncompromising dependability and simple operation.


Helix Rack

Helix™ is not only a tour-grade multi-effect for your rack that sounds and feels authentic, it's also the heart of the most comprehensive master controller for guitar systems ever built, and is designed to integrate perfectly with Helix Control.


Helix Control

A powerful foot controller that brings touch sensitive footswitches, display capabilities, and additional functionality to Helix Rack.