David Knudson

Minus the Bear


David Knudson is the guitarist of Seattle indie rock band Minus the Bear. Created in the waning years of his highly influential “evil math-rock” outfit Botch, Minus the Bear set out on a course that merged his sophisticated guitar lines with his bandmates’ dexterous dance beats and melancholic lyrics. Early offerings like the debut album Highly Refined Pirates showcased Knudson’s inventive ability to take two-handed tapping techniques out of the realm of flashy solos and into the world of primary hooks. Using his PRS guitar, Knudson tackled riffs like a pianist, hammering out chords with the fingers of his left hand while tapping out intricate melodies with his right. As the band evolved, so did Knudson’s approach. On their sophomore album Menos el Oso, the guitarist dialed back the finger work and began to construct songs around the sampling, retriggering and manipulating of live guitar loops. Armed with four Line 6 DL4s and a bevy of other stomp boxes, Knudson’s pedalboard savvy made his riffs sound less like traditional guitar and more like an orchestra of electronic artists. Knudson’s tasteful and forward-thinking approach to the guitar fostered a growing audience of cerebral pop aficionado’s and technical gearheads, culminating in world tours, prestigious festival slots, late night talk-show appearances, and nearly 600k record sales.

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