Devin Townsend

Solo Artist


Devin Townsend is a Canadian musician, songwriter and record producer. After performing in a number of heavy metal bands in high school, Townsend was discovered by a record label in 1993 and was asked to perform lead vocals on Steve Vai's album Sex & Religion. After recording and touring with Vai, Townsend released Heavy as a Really Heavy Thing with his new band Strapping Young Lad. He soon assembled released the critically acclaimed City in 1997.

Townsend's solo albums are a diverse mix of hard rock, progressive metal, ambient, and new age music. In 2002 he formed the Devin Townsend Band, a dedicated lineup that recorded and toured for two of his solo releases. In 2009 he began recording again, and soon announced the formation of the Devin Townsend Project. The project began with a series of four albums, released from 2009 to 2011, each written in a different style, and Townsend continues to record and tour under the new moniker.

Across all his bands and projects, Townsend has released twenty-three studio albums and three live albums. His versatile vocal delivery ranges from screaming to an opera-esque singing, and his songwriting is similarly diverse. Townsend's musical style is rooted in metal, and his albums are written to express different aspects of his personality.

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