Keith Merrow

Conquering Dystopia


Keith Merrow is a studio guitar player, songwriter, producer, engineer, gear demonstrator, student and teacher. Keith hails from Portland, Oregon- USA. Keith has a sound that is true to his traditional metal roots, but with an original and modern execution.

Keith’s music hobby quickly (and unexpectedly) became promising career in the music industry after he began sharing his music on the Internet. Keith, a once reclusive hobbyist, was convinced by his close friends and family to share his music with the world. Through YouTube and social media outlets, his music has now been heard by millions of people since 2008.

I've recently been using Line 6 G90 Wireless for live shows and clinics all over the world, and in the studio as well. It doesn't degrade the tone like other wireless systems. Incredible technology!”



Relay G90

12-channel rack-mountable system. Wired tone, uncompromising dependability and simple operation.



75 watts full-range 5-speaker configuration 8" custom guitar speaker