Spider® IV 75 is the #1-selling 1x12 in the USA, Spider IV 120 is the #1-selling 2x10 and on and on.* Find out why so many guitarists play Spider IV amps.

Smart FX.

Smart FX knobs put award-winning Line 6 effects at your fingertips. Easy to use, Smart FX let you spend less time tweaking and more time playing. Easily add or remove any amount of lush reverbs, exceptional echoes, tangy mods, and more. Make all your adjustments on the fly — the knobs are right in front you of you. Up to 4 Smart FX can be used simultaneously.
Spider IV 75, 120, 150 and HD150 Effects Models.
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Go deeper into FX.

Deep dive into your effects like never before! Every effect is fully adjustable up to 7 parameters deep, including routing pre- and post-amplifier. Sculpt your delays, mods, reverbs, pitch effects, and more with unparalleled control.
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NEW! Spider FX Infusion 2.0.

Inject over 50 additional vintage and modern overdrives, delays, compressors, mods and more into your Spider IV 75, 120, 150 and HD150 amplifier – for free! That’s over 80 total FX, more than any other modeling amplifier. Learn more.
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Pitch effects.

Smart Harmony is our first intelligent pitch shifter. It's fast-tracking and easy to use. Harmonize using major, minor, pentatonic, whole tone, and other types of scales. (Don't worry, you don't need to know music theory to use Smart Harmony).

Pitch Glide is most effective when used with an FBV™ MkII foot controller. Use the foot pedal to smoothly shift your tone up or down to any interval within a four-octave range. Calibrate the effect to semitones, or to 10-cent increments to create cool chorus/detuning effects.

Quick loop.

Quick Loop is a 14-second sound-on-sound looper that's ideal for writing songs, practicing solos, jamming, and even dialing in your tone! Easy to use, Quick Loop's controls are all on the front panel. Connect an FBV™ MkII foot controller for hands-free control of the looper functions.

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Simultaneous FX.

Use up to 8 effects at the same time! Pour on the colors and textures with all 4 Smart FX, set the Boost and the Noise Gate, activate Quick Loop, and connect an FBV MkII foot controller to kick on the volume/wah pedal. How many other amplifiers can deliver that?

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