• DL4, EQ, June 2009 "The there's the mind-boggling sonic palette that Zinner [Yeah Yeah Yeahs]is able to wrench from his main guitar…with the help of such exotic pedals as the Line 6's DL4 Delay Modeler and MM4...

  • DL4, Guitar Edge, May/June 2009 "Backstage Pass: Tom Petty's Mike Cambell: The signal proceeds to a Line 6 DL4 Delay Modeler…then up to the blue Line 6 MM4 Modulation Modeler."
    Rick Gould, Guitar Edge

  • ToneCore Echo Park, Guitar World, May 2009 "Rise Against's Zach Blair's rig includes the Line 6 Echo Park Delay Pedal."
    Nick Bowcott, Guitar World

  • POD X3 Pro, Guitar Player, May 2009 "Line 6 calls it the most powerful POD ever, and it's impossible to argue. This rackmount work of art gives you the amp, effect, and cab models that Line 6 is famous for, plus a ton of ins and outs,...

  • Echo Farm, EQ, May 2009 "On top of that, he'd [Producer, Jeff Saltzman] generally use a Line 6 Echo Farm delay plug-in, set to the BPM of the song and set to a long delay."
    Kylee Swenson, EQ

  • POD Farm, Pro Audio Review, April 2009 "I've been using Amp Farm since it came out years ago, and this is a whole new animal. Line 6 did a great job with this release, and its integration with POD hardware was a wise move. POD Farm not...

  • POD Studio UX2, Making Music, March/April 2009 "Studio in a Box: It's carousel-styleinterface allows users to simply drag-and-drop effects for easy recording."
    Adam Dolge, Making Music

  • PODxt, Guitar World, April 2009 "FOR THE LOVE OF POD: It's definitely the POD XT [favorite piece of gear], just because it allows me to make each sound fit exactly what I need. I can customize every single song for live...

  • Pocket POD Express, Sound on Sound, April 2009 "If you thought the Pocket POD was a no-brainer spin-off from the successful POD line, you should take a look at the Pocket POD Express. A simple, inexpensive and good-sounding guitar preamp for...

  • POD Studio UX2 - Guitarist, February 2009 "Affordable, easy to use and sounds great--it's the complete package for recording guitar on the computer."
    Trevor Curwen, Guitarist, February 2009

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