FBV Express™ is no longer made. Please check out FBV Express™ MkII to take advantage of crucial hands-free channel switching and volume/wah control.

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Designed for the performing guitarist who needs a compact, cost effective foot controller, FBV Express
allows guitarists to instantly recall an entire rig via four gig-ready footswitches built into a road-ready steel enclosure. FBV Express delivers tap tempo for effects, a chromatic tuner interface for quick and accurate tuning, and a full size, heavy-duty Volume/Wah pedal. FBV Express is a must-have for the performing guitarist who needs powerful features in compact controller.

  • Switches for Channels A, B, C, & D
  • Tap on the current channel for Tap Tempo
  • Wah/Volume pedal
  • Chromatic tuner interface
  • Self-powered though the locking RJ-45 cable (included)

*FBV Express is not compatible with with Spider II 15 or Spider III 15.

**FBV Express is only compatible with POD 2.0 units with pedal jacks labelled "FBV Pedal." It is not compatible with older units which have pedal jacks labelled simply "Pedal."

(NOTE: FBV Express is NOT compatible with Ax212, Flextone I, II or HD, POD® Pro, Bass POD®, Bass POD® Pro and Spider.)